Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Action 21: What a Sandbox!

So Glad You Are Here!

Sometimes I can barely catch my breath.
Stuff just keeps HAPPENING!

First, the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.
Then, the massive fires in the West and hurricane Isaac in the South.
Now, that U-tube posting by a self-appointed nut-case, that sets off massive violence
in 20 countries around the world.

Sometimes I just want to call it quits.
Under the covers,
where it’s safe,
and comfortable,
‘Cause, I’ll be honest …. this is NOT …. I repeat, NOT …. what I signed up for!

What I want is a sandbox where the sand is soft and the weather ideal, 
where my friends are perfect and I am amazing,
where strangers have some sense, 
and birds sing in perfect harmony, 
so that I can plan and execute my life with perfect precision.

Instead, I get a sandbox where the sand is questionable, 
the rain is far too wet and the sun way too hot, 
where I am just mediocre and my friends … well, you decide for yourself …. 
where strangers can be downright nuts 
and birds that fly overhead sometimes poop …
… yes, right THEN! 

I guess I have two options:
EITHER I can get lost dreaming of that perfect imaginary sandcastle
with perfect angles,
amazing arches and
stunning details.
OR I can live.

I'll go with 'live.'

I'll pick up that shuffle,
and bucket,
and hose
and rake
after day
after brand new day.

Let the rain fall.
Let the sun shine.
Let my friends be.
Let strangers act.
Let the birds poop.

I have decided, what’s important is not that perfect, imaginary sandcastle,
but whether I sit down in the middle of that sandbox
and try again.

Yours truly,  Bena

Peep and the Parade by Bena

.... ’Cause  trying  counts! 

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