Sunday, August 26, 2012

Action 18: Keep up the Dialogue

So glad you are here.

Several months ago, while walking my dog, a page from our town newspaper
flew against my leg.

In it I read a ‘Letter to the Editor’ by a woman named Betty.

For months I have been playing with the idea of how I would like to respond to Betty.

Last weeks volatile topic on abortion has helped clarify my thoughts.

Here they are.

But first, ….


Betty has something to say.

Christians Fighting Back with Prayer
Christians are under attack in this country… Because we stand behind our religious beliefs (which are good and decent)… We are standing up for our religious beliefs and rights guaranteed us under the U.S. Constitution, and we are attacked for this.  The people in our parish, and others, are fighting with prayer – pretty powerful stuff….

That’s it.
As you can see, pretty powerful stuff!

So, here I go ….

Dear Betty,
I thank you for your heart-felt appeal.  In response I would like to say the following:

First, keep up the prayer.  (In fact, include me, if you’d like.)

Second, stand behind your religious beliefs (which, as you say, are ‘good and decent’).

Third, have church picnics in public parks and sing passionate hallelujahs.  Build new churches and recruit new believers.  Teach your children about God and Jesus and all that other good stuff.

Fourth, if you don’t believe in birth control, DON’T use it. 

Fifth, if you don’t believe in terminating your pregnancies, DON’T have an abortion.

Sixth, if you want to marry a man, rather than a woman, by all means, PLEASE do so!

Finally, please know, Christians are generally NOT under attack FOR their FAITH. 
Instead, Christians are often under attack for their LACK of FAITH. 
  • Your lack of faith in your God, who created diversity for a reason.
  • Your lack of faith in your God, who created choice for a reason.
  • And lack of faith that prompts you to force everyone else to be just like you.

So, Betty, please have faith.  Have faith that your loving, almighty God knew exactly what He was doing when He created diversity, differences and choice. 

And then, live YOUR life as you see fit, and allow others to do the same.

Oh, by the way, next time you have one of those church picnics in a public park,
look for a stranger singing along.

It may be me.

Yours truly, Bena

Peep and the Parade by Bena

Keep up the dialogue   …..   it’s good for us!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Action 17: Another confession

Hi there,
I have to make another confession. 

In case you should be washing your dishes
or walking your dog, 
you may want to do that 
right now …… 

....... what I mean is, if you don’t want to read this confession, 
you certainly don’t HAVE to. 
There are plenty of other things to do.


For those of you who decided to stick around, 
here is my confession.

I haven’t donated a single cent to the Obama campaign yet.

Too small to read?

I haven’t donated a single cent 
to the Obama campaign yet.

No, I am not kidding. 

I, who have been tooting my horn about the importance of supporting Obama, 
haven't even done THAT!

Before you judge me too harshly, let me say this in my defense.

I desperately want to believe in our Democracy.
I want to believe, what counts is the voice of PEOPLE, not the voice of money.
I want to believe, that my voice counts just as much as someone who can pump millions
into these crazy campaigns.

The fact is, when it comes to the millions, they win.
Flat out … I can’t compete.

But, I’ve changed my mind about writing a check.

I’ve changed my mind, because I’ve learned something from writing this blog.

I’ve learned that writing this blog can be darn hard and often a bit lonely.
I’ve learned that there are days I feel that mountain is just too big.
I’ve learned that sometimes it feels like all my sweat and tears end up in some great big dark void.

And THEN when one of you says, ‘Hey, you make sense,’
When another says, ‘I’ll share your ideas with a friend,’
When another says, ‘I’ll risk my butt as well,’
THEN  I am EXCITED to write my next blog, to forge ahead, to try even harder.

And THAT is why I am sending Obama a check.

With my check I want to say, 

'Dear President Obama, 
I know your work is darn hard and often lonely.
Sometimes it may seem like that mountain is just too big.
It may feel like all your sweat and tears end up in some great big dark void.


Hey, you make sense.
I’ll share your ideas with a friend.
I’ll risk my butt as well.’

Yours truly,  Bena

Peep and the Parade    by Bena


A little check …. A BIG message!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Action 16: Get Ready

So Glad You are Here!

In honor of Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan
I will do the following:

 Grab a Dictionary

I am interested in three important words:  
trickle, down, theory

According to my dusty Webster Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, I learned the following:

  • to move little by little
  • to flow in a thin stream 
  • toward a lower or worse condition
  • defeat, descend, depression 
  • a hypothesis
  • a speculation based on unproven assumptions 

When I combine all three words, I arrive at the following:

A slow movement - little by little - which descends to a lower and worse condition towards a depression, based on speculation and unproven assumptions.

Such Words of Wisdom!

The inventors of the Tickle Down Theory certainly spoke no lie.

Since, I don’t like to criticize without making a suggestion for improvement,
I propose the following:


Once again my dusty Webster Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary proves invaluable.

  • to proceed into a certain direction or condition
  • to take action
  • rise above
  • move into a higher position
  • an actual occurrence
  • an objective reality
When I combine all three words, I arrive at the following:
An actual occurrence of taking action to proceed into a higher position.

In other words, Moving Up Fact implies that we take action, to allow regular people to move up through solid wages, health insurance, guaranteed social security and affordable education to benefit our nation as a whole.

I would like to add, for the reassurance of the mega rich: When Moving Up Fact has been accomplished, you are certainly welcome to your sixth mansion, your tenth jet and another really fancy toy.  After all, THIS IS AMERICA!


By the way, congratulations Paul Ryan!
May the race begin.

Yours truly,   Bena

 Peep and the Parade by Bena

 Rock on …. MOVING UP FACT! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Action 15: Try the impossible

Today I am going to do something slightly insane. 
I am going to invite a Republican and a Democrat to the very same political parade.


Here I go ....
Me:      Hi Pete, let me introduce you to Jack.  Jack is a Republican.
Me:      Jack, let me introduce you to Pete.  Pete's a Democrat.

(silence …… more silence….. hmmmm….)

Me:      Jack, guess what!  Pete likes baseball, like you!               
Me:      PETE, DID YOU HEAR?  Jack LOVES baseball!

(silence ..... more silence ...... hmmmm ....)

Me:   JACK, Pete bought a sit down mower, just like YOU!
Me:   PETE, Jack has a sit down mower with the same COLOR!

Jack:    Gotta go ......                                               
Pete:    Gotta go ......

Me:  OK.  Stop right THERE….
…. before you go, I’ve got to say ONE thing.

As long as you fight, you lose!
Both of you will have fewer jobs, fewer homes, fewer choices, less money, less security, fewer privileges, fewer obtainable dreams, less power and less democracy.

As long as you fight, THEY win.
They will have more mansions, more jets, more millions, more security, more privilege, more power …. and they will not give a crap about the death of  democracy.

THIS fight is NOT between regular people like you and I, 
who happen to be Democrats and Republicans. 
THIS fight is between those with massive wealth, power and privilege
and those without.

You guys are NOT stupid!

Let’s WIN for a change.

OK.  I’m done.

You can leave.


(more silence)

Jack:    Baseball, hugh?                                                                     
Pete:    Since Little League.
Jack:    Same here.
Pete:    How’s that mower working out for you?
Jack:    Gets the job done…
Pete:    Yeah, in no time.
Jack:    Notice that pot hole on Main?
Pete:    That pot hole's INSANE!  
Jack:    Something’s GOT to be done about that ….                                      
Pete:    EXACTLY!
Jack:    ….over a steak on the grill …
Pete:    …at my house...
Jack:    ….next time mine…
Pete:   … with the wives …
Jack:  … and kids …

The end.

OK, so you ask,  "What's the point?'
The point is:

How about we try something pretty much impossible, 
just 'cause there is absolutely no other way!

Yours truly, Bena

Peep and the Parade    by Bena

Try the impossible    ....   sometimes it works!