Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Action 20: Imagine!

So Glad You Are Here!

Imagine blue.

Imagine HOPE is different shades of blue.

Imagine HOPE comes together ....

IMAGINE a TOWN full of HOPE ….

IMAGINE your STATE full of  MORE HOPE ….


Most everything we treasure begins with ....

 ..... IMAGINE

..... and HOPE

..... and YOU.

Let's make it happen.

Obama 2012!

Yours truly,  Bena


Caroline said...

This reminds me of the elephant story, where each blind person describes an elephant differently according to what part he/she is touching.

The whole expands to so much more than the sum of it's parts !

Thank you , Bena for that hope!


Sanne said...

This relates more to the previous blog, but what the heck.

This summer a new, very small farmer's market opened up not far from our house. On opening day I bought something from each of the 5 vendors. I wanted to encourage them to come back. Each couple of weeks, one or two more joined. Then came a BBQ Chuck wagon selling delicious ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Now we have two reasons to try to go as often as we can. Every time we are served the food in a styrofoam containers that then gets thrown out, along with a plastic fork. So last Friday, after we had eaten, I took two of my kids to the stand and thanked them for the yummy food. Then I suggested that they supply real plates which we would return after we had eaten. One of the guys picked up a mug and said that I could buy one of those. Not what I meant! After trying to explain myself again, we exchanged a few more words, laughed a bit and, as we left, I told them I'd be back to remind them again next week. The next time we go, as a subtle reminder, I will bring my own plate and ask them to put my ribs on there. Maybe, if I have some extra time, I'll even bring a whole bunch and offer them to others. Maybe I'll make some new friends while I wait for my plates. : )