Monday, May 28, 2012

Action 5: The Top Ten

I'm so glad you are here!
In the last blog I listed (my) TOP TEN players.
I believe these TOP TEN players shape American Politics.
In case you missed them, here they are:

(For a recap, go to my last blog.)

Before we get to today's topic, namely THE BIG PICTURE, let me preface it with a few points.

Point 1:
I write (my) TOP TEN, because they fit 'my' point of view.  Yours may differ.   I am fine with that.  The point of the TOP TEN is to reduce the endless noise of daily news and focus on the overall 'sound' of American Politics.  In other words, the TOP TEN helps me see THE BIG PICTURE.
Point 2:
In addition, the TOP TEN helps me understand that American Politics is MUCH bigger than Democrats and Republicans
Point 3:
Finally, the TOP TEN lets me see, that American Politics is shaped MORE by the 300+ million Peeps, than the few politicians who are paid to sit in Congress.  American Politics is shaped by you and me and you and you ….. whether we like it not.

Now to the main point of this blog:  THE BIG PICTURE.

I am going to apply (my) TOP TEN to the hot topic of 'better regulations on big banks'.

Sound 1:           The Elite feel threatened by proposed new REGULATIONS on Big Banks. 
Sound 2:           The Elite contact the Hired-Hands. (yes, yes, promises are made.)
Sound 3:           The Hired-Hands mesh the proposed bank regulations with Pro-Life.
Sound 4:           The Self-Righteous hear Pro-Life and sound their trumpets… TATATATAToooo00000ooooo000
Sound 5:           The Hired-Hands scream:
Class Warfare, Gay Takeover, Socialism
Sound 6:           Since, the Self-Righteous and the Hired-Hands are so ear-numbingly LOUD, America believes America has spoken!
(….when in fact, that great BIG ROAR came from two tiny sub-groups, who merely followed their well written script.)
Sound 7:           The Rebels grab EVEN MORE tents.  (by the way, thanks!)
                        The Grumblers whisper their great BIG WISDOM in dark hallways.
                        The Escapists turn on the tube, the web, the phone, the food and the sex.
                        The Advocates shudder in horror and start anew.
                        The Self-Righteous give thanks to the Lord for His divine intervention.

Sound 8:           CHECK MATE!  The Elite win. 
The proposed REGULATIONS ON BIG banks fade into the backround……..
MORE BIG BUCKS for the Elite.

.... and that sums up (my) big picture.
Like I said, yours my differ.  Feel free to speak up any time.
In my next blog, I'll use (my) TOP TEN to understand the 'Era of Bush.' 
Should be fun.

Yours truly, Bena
I'll blog again on Friday.

Peep and the Parade    by Bena

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