Sunday, October 28, 2012

Action 26: A Step

So Glad You Are Here!
In less than 10 days I will either be dancing along with half of the American population,
(and the HUGE majority of nations throughout the world)


I will crawl under my covers to build my strength to face the next four years.

This election is so very important.
This election is so very important, because it is a STEP in one particular direction, 
rather than another.

A step towards supporting the middle class or not …
A step towards protecting women’s rights or not …
A step towards choosing who we love and marry or not …
A step towards working against pollution or not …
A step towards immigration laws that give a fair chance or not …
A step towards American jobs on American soil or not ….
A step towards world politics based on respect and cooperation or not …
And most certainly a step that believes ‘loving our neighbors’ includes guaranteed health care for that single mother diagnosed with breast cancer five states away, rather than simply a prayer and 
a casserole delivered with a hug.

This election means:

A Step … in one particular direction, rather than another.

A Step … right along Obama and Biden and Michelle and millions upon millions of other Americans.

I am so very grateful to take this step right along with you! 

Your truly,  Bena

Peep and the Parade    by Bena

A STEP is a mighty thing …
 …. when we take it together.    

Oh, one more thing.
I have decided to write one more blog after the election, and then give Peep a rest.
It has been an amazing six months of thinking and writing and sketching.  I thank all of you who have hung in there with me.
See you after the election.
In the meantime, don't be surprised, if you happen to see me practicing a few new dance moves.
Yours, Bena

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Michele lazar said...


I have so enjoyed reading your blog and have so appreciated your putting words to my own more amorphous thoughts.

Thank You for your wise words and your great pictures in these past weeks, and at this most historic time.