Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Action 27: Oh YES!

So Glad You are Here!

Yes!  YES!   YES!
Obama FOUR more years!  YES …
Great choices for the Senate.  YES …
Amazing wins on mandates throughout America.   YES!

It is an exciting time.
I am happy to be alive!

So, now what?

What’s next?

For me, it’s a dead bird.

More precisely, it’s a dead turkey in my big grocery store.

In the next week I must decide whether to pick up a free dead turkey from my grocery store, 
since I have earned my points, by being a loyal customer … or not!
It’s a real dilemma.
That turkey is valued at $12.99.  That turkey has suffered every minute of its miserable life.  
I want another turkey.  The turkey I want instead, lives up on the farm,
over the hill, not far from my house.  
THAT turkey has lived a really good life.  THAT turkey cost $29.99. 
Here is the dilemma.  If I accept the tortured turkey I save $42.98.  (WOW!)  Yet, if I accept the tortured turkey, the store will torture another turkey for my family for next Thanksgiving
and the farmer up the hill, not far from my house, may call it quits.

It’s a chain reaction. 

My action, no matter how small, has a re-action. 

All of our combined actions have HUGE re-actions.

When my actions, combine with your actions and our neighbors' actions ....
CHANGE happens.

Change happens because WE change.

Now I’ll tie the dead turkey-dilemma to Obama’s re-election.
(See, this blog DOES have to do with the election after all!)

We voted for CHANGE  ..... forward.

Yet a single man cannot CHANGE a nation.
Only a nation can change a nation.
That means you and me and millions upon millions more …. mostly peeps.

Certainly the election of President Obama is HUGE.


 it does NOT guarantee change.

I realize the top issues on our minds are jobs and the deficit.
Yes, those are BIG issues to be addressed largely by our elected officials.
Yet, that is only the beginning.   

Obama can walk with all his vision and intelligence and style, but unless we follow,
there is NO change.

If I accept that tortured turkey from my grocery store, instead of buying a happy one 
from my local farmer,
I STOP change.

If I know the earth’s temperature keeps rising, but I don’t turn off that lamp, TV or air-conditioned when I don’t need them,
I STOP change.

If I know America is becoming fatter and sicker, but I continue to feed our kids junk,
I STOP change.

If I know the name of every single Super PAC, but don’t send a letter to my congress person
to stop future election insanity,
I STOP change.

If I keep eating out of styrofoam plates at local restaurants and church picnics,
and don’t open my mouth to suggest an alternative,
I STOP change.

If I know we are suffocating from garbage dumps full of plastic, but keep forgetting my reusable shopping bags,
I STOP change.

If I know I could be one of the millions of decent, hard working Americans struggling with cancer, with crappy health insurance, but don’t send a note of encouragement to my senator to keep improving Obamacare,
I STOP change.

If I keep buying massive junk to fill my drawers and garage and basement, rather than buy less with more style,
I STOP change.

If I keep buying gas guzzlers, and complain about the price of gas,
I STOP change.

If I keep buying apples from across the globe, rather then take my kids
to our local farmers market,
I STOP change.

Change only happens when we change.

Having an amazing leader is a start.
The rest is up to me and you and millions upon millions more …. mostly peeps.

Let's do it!

Yours truly, Bena

All right, that was my last bog on Peep and the Parade.
I will end by saying THANK YOU.
Thank you for taking the time to check in periodically.
Thank you for your phone calls and e-mails and blog comments with encouragement.
Thank you for your hope,
and courage,
and your belief that things CAN be better.

May we all keep marching.

Here are five peep ideas to take along.

Yours truly, Bena


Titiola said...

Bena, I am sad to see you go ! I have come to really look forward to reading "Peep" for fun and for insight!

Thank You, Bena, very much for this beautiful offering in these last months, and I hope you find a way to record/share your many insights/ pictures in the months to come.

Yes, May we all keep marching....forward !


Caroline said...

Good Bye, Bena !

Thanks for everything!

all the best,

Louise said...

Bena, I feel like in a way, you have been a friend over these last months.... and I hope our paths will cross in some way again.

Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf.